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released September 11, 2014



all rights reserved


BRIAN Chicago, Illinois


webb dieter-guitar/vox

jimmy cramsie-drums

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Track Name: Summer Single
Take me to a place of yours and I promise I won't make fun of you.

Take your pick of torture and I will be your friend.

Take my breath away from me. Give it to someone more deserving.
Track Name: The Time or Something
The ocean is my home. Gills feel like wonderful. Understand that misunderstandings can lead me to insanity.

A lock on my body, the key is left inside.

A change in my brain can shred me to pieces. Break down and abstain from violence. Whoever showed me the answers was an idiot.
Track Name: Forget About Dr. Phil, Deputy Dong is in Town
Let's start at the end, where i'm at now.
Coming across burnt bridges that i never knew were burning.
But it was me who burnt them.
I'm the furthest thing from innocent.

I want to feel young again but I've always been afraid of change.

I've always said that I'm dying, and I truly am.
Decaying in my skin with the appearance of healthy.
My health has never been a friend of mine.

I want to feel young again but I've always been afraid of change.
My fading memory will get the best of me.
This room is useless, it's purpose never fulfilled.
Track Name: Rhobam Skerono Chorizo
I've already said it once, and i'd hate to seem arrogant but i'm not sure if you understood the first time. I ran out of things to hate myself for and i'm getting tired of the meaningless depression.
Track Name: Shortmin
Sudden transformation, a barrel of wine into empty. Every day for the last five years. Phonic pleasure enhances the hit as it bleeds from the summer. I'm not bitter, i'm just not stupid anymore.
Track Name: When I Dug Her Up, I Couldn't Help But Think, "Gee Lucy"
After the first time meeting, I've already made my decision. I'd one day say something that would offend you and we would never speak again.

I will make you sick. Nothing matters in the short run.
Track Name: Is This Euphoria I Experience When I Dream Normal?
I hear the clicks, they signify my death. It's steady like a metronome.

Shed my skin and my tears. Both come off my body like rain and i'm so scared.
Track Name: Fuck the Forensics Team
I'm in debt to my killer, she's coming for me. I'm done with hiding so come for me. One by one goodbyes are shared between me and everyone i've come to love, and that's not much.

Surrendering my life to the raincloud above my head. It's never enough to hold me closer. Forgotten transitions, my life into none. I'm jumping of buildings and landing on pillows.

I'm in debt to my dentist for getting me out of school. Too bad my teeth are fucked up. The doctor said I could use a bit more fun in my life, I told him to learn how to fuck off.
Track Name: Common Contraception
Damn, i'm lost for words and I have been since I could remember.
I hope we make it... Tying knots in our hair, put our heads together, in a sense that nobody thought was possible.

We could beat the odds. I thought of it everyday. One or the other, it was a statement. New information on old family, I'd float away with you on a raft made of forgetting.
Track Name: One of the Two, I Can't Remember
I wish I could save her, or save myself.
Curiosity will kill me.
Remember me! Remember me!
That's a command, not a question.
Track Name: Even After Twelve Years, His Sobriety Still Got the Best of Him
The colors I want to see are inside my head. She asked about my dreams.
My body squeaks and turns and gives indian burns.

I couldn't wait for you to get here. My life; it's now different. The bone to pick has been picked. So now I find a new purpose.

Hold my head, it's spinning off my neck. My tongue is swelling and I am dying.

Walk to my own un-dug grave. I start to digging. An audience of vultures circles around my head.

I couldn't wait for you to get here. My life; it's now different. The bone to pick has been picked. So now I find a new purpose.