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released September 11, 2015



all rights reserved


BRIAN Chicago, Illinois


webb dieter-guitar/vox

jimmy cramsie-drums

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Track Name: Oceans and Emotions
It corrupts me and the sentiment is getting to my head.
I’m rusty and slowly turning red.

We were an object of how I’m feeling.
It made no sense at the time but I think I’m getting used to it.

I tried to stop you but in turn, you stopped me.
I woke up last night at midnight.

Stopping everything
I’m losing it
I’m going crazy
Make me feel young again.
Track Name: Shanghai
I rip my skin off and wonder what I’ve done.
No trespassing means treading is welcome.
Retarded men and women gathered for the taxi line.
A man is crying trying to see what he did wrong.

Distorted faces and blurry speech melt together in a
cacophony of aesthetic pleasure.

My senses are not functioning anymore.
I should probably cut down on my indulgences
but entertainment is more important that keeping a level head.
But do I care? No!

Past presents and present passings.
I spent my life pursuing a hobby.
If I could clarify my intentions that would make my life a lot easier.

If I’m not breathing put me on my side.
If I am close my eyes.
Track Name: I Took a Walk
I took a walk to the back of your car,
climbed in the trunk and made myself at home.

I felt the air climb out of my lungs
and never again did it return.

But why am I trying to change myself?
It’s who I am, it’s who I try to be.
For too long it’s been me alone.
Being social is not like riding a bike.

My aching head took a vacation
and left me here with a knife in my back.

It wont be long until he comes home
crawling on his hands and knees.
Track Name: Shhhhhh
I was 17
I had 7 dreams about you and me.
Your powers are healing.
Track Name: 2
I know we’re probably inseparable
but it’s okay I don’t care anymore.

It’s not a problem, it’s an issue
of how I’m doing, how you’re doing too.

Pass out on a couch in the corner of my mind.
You are high and not present,
but so am I so we’re sort of in the same boat.

Make me the problem, I’m the issue.
I’m going insane and I love you.

But what am I?

I hate the snow
‘Cause I was born
I was born in Chicago, my home!
Track Name: 1
“I’m always changing”
That you always say,
or at least several times before.

I’m always naming problems with myself
and I know that there’s quite a few.

But what can I do?
I can’t get away from you.
I want to be close to you.
I want to be next to you.

It made no sense,
the sanitary glance that you breathed on me.
I was weary.
I was crying.

The key... The key of C.
It speaks... It speaks to me.
Your breath... It smells of me.
Your neck... Reminds me of space.

Break my neck.
I will snap.
Call the cops.
Laugh attack.
Track Name: Stop Talking!
I can not sleep.
I can not speak.
I can see what’s hurting the family.

Far from the streets,
deep in the sheets,
I can see our haunting similarities.
One million ghosts are always haunting me.

Each and every day I crave the things you say.
You make me want to drive away.
Time is a test similar to your embrace.

Talking over, talking over me.
I can feel the impending insanity.
Apparently it’s fucking make believe.
Treat me like a queen!

Blood scares me,
only when it comes from your body.
It hurt me more than a knife to my insecurities.
I choked, I always want to smoke.
I’m always in denial about the ways that my woes are hopeful.
I’m seeping out my clothes.
I’m spewing all the knowledge that no one else knows.